Sunday, February 9, 2020

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Check out my project: Apsara Stories

Unfortunately the beautiful woman in this picture is not an apsara but rather Ganga the river goddess. Either way, she is a beautiful woman and the apsaras are beautiful too. I just really liked this picture.

Shantanu meeting Ganga. Photocopy from page 284 of Indian Myth and Legend by Donald A. Mackenzie (1913). Source: flickr


  1. Hi Alexis,

    I like the picture that you selected for your banner as it gives us a good look at what the Apsara's look like. I also like that you have a very detailed introduction that goes over each of the different Apsaras. Without this background I think that I would be very confused as to the different characters in your upcoming stories. Also I really liked the images that you provided at the end of the introduction. I think one thing that you could do to make your introduction even better is to move the bullet points you have to under the corresponding picture of the Apsara. This way you wouldn't have to scroll as much. When first reading I didn't even realize the pictures were there to be honest so maybe you could put them in the body where the bullet points are with like a text box underneath.

  2. Hey Alexis,

    Your project looks really well thought out! I really liked how you chose three related, but very distinct stories. Even the non-physical qualities you want to mention are very different: Tilottama's brains, Menaka's purity, etc. The only comment I have is that it's a little unclear what non-physical trait you want to emphasize for Urvashi. You don't really flesh her story out the same way that you flesh out the other two story-summaries, and maybe including Urvashi's quality will help acocmplish that. Can't wait to read the stories! Good luck

  3. Hi Alexis! The photo you chose as your banner is very beautiful, as well as the pictures you selected for each of your stories. I think it's formatted a little differently because in the Introduction page the ladies' heads are cut off. I think your introduction post is formatted very well, showcasing how unique and distinct these stories are and I'm excited to read them! I'm actually writing on Urvashi and Arjuna as well.

    One thing I would say is just to sound more confident. For example, you wrote "Each of these stories, though vaguely connected, attempts to show that apsaras, though beautiful creatures, are more than just their physical bodies." - You could cut out the vaguely connected part, as well as the attempted part and just write "Each of these stories show that apsaras, though beautiful creatures, are more than just their physical bodies." You're the expert on apsaras here! :)